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Project: Frosted Chocolate (8654) & Dusk (9233) Project: Frosted Chocolate (8654) & Dusk (9233) Project: Frosted Chocolate (8654) & Dusk (9233)

Colour combination of the day

Frosted Chocolate (8654) & Dusk (9233).

The Dusk is a greyish shade in the blue family that reminds of a rainy-day sky. lt is hopeful colour that manages to look tranquil and exciting at the same time. Under bright lights. it looks like the soothing emerald sea that has an exciting hidden potential underneath. Nothing could be more contrasting to the coolness of the Dusk than the Frosted Chocolate. It is a deep shade of brown that stabilizes the eye in the bright sea of blue tranquility.

  • Client: Mr. dusky. Asian Paints
  • Project: Frosted Chocolate (8654) & Dusk (9233)
  • Started: 26-09-2019
  • Finished: 27-09-2019

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